101 Ways To Improve Your Health

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101 Ways To Improve Your Health
Lyall Ford — Click here to learn more about the author
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The Foreword

“As a naturopath, I am impressed by the comprehensiveness of this book. The 101 ways listed to improve your health cover the important, fundamental steps we can easily take to improve our wellbeing and prevent disease, for disease is not something that just ‘happens’ to us. Most of the time, it is simply the accumulated effects of not looking after ourselves properly. Even contagious diseases can often be avoided by keeping our immune systems strong. By following the points in this book, your immune system and your whole being is bound to be strengthened. Your body will wear out quickly if you don’t give it what it needs (or if you give it too much of what it doesn’t need)!

As human beings, we not only have physical requirements but also mental, emotional and spiritual needs. To remain healthy we need to address each of these areas of our lives. This book offers simple and effectivre steps we can take to keeep ourselves healthy and happy — for good health and happiness go hand in hand. When we are feeling happy we release certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) into the bloodstream, which have beneficial effects on the cells of our bodies, for example, they strengthen the immune system, are anti-inflammatory, and relieve stress. When we are upset, we release different chemicals which are damaging to our cells.

We can use this knowledge to heal our bodies, not only by giving it proper food and nutrients but also by using the power of our minds — to consciously choose more happy thoughts, and to do more of the things that make us feel good, like walking in the park, or listening to relaxing music. Therefore the points listed towards the back of this book, such as massage and relaxation, are just as important as those near the front.

Congratulations Lyall on producing such an easy to read and helpful collection of vital healthcare information.”

B.J. McDean, B.Nat, ANTA — Naturopath

From Health Professionals

“Lyall Ford has done a wonderful job of putting together an easy-to-read book full of information which must be read by everyone who values their health and wellbeing.”

Sabina Leung, B.SC, M. Chiropractic — Chiropractor

“Through well researched sources this book provides a clear and concise reference for those of us who desire to make a healthy body a reality.”

Jacquelin Van Westenbrugge — Natural Therapist

“Lyall Ford has put together an excellent book in layman’s terms on ways to improve your general health and wellbeing, and how to help prevent chronic degenerative disease with diet and lifestyle changes. I would recommend this book to all who want to improve their health, quality of life and longevity.”

Rod Ashton, B.D.Sc.(Hons.), F.A.C.N.E.M. — Dental Surgeon

From the Author

A human body is able to live disease-free for 120 years or more if it is properly cared for. Many people maintain their cars in immaculate condition, making sure that they get the right fuel and lubrication, and ensuring that they are regularly cleaned and serviced, but do not treat their own bodies with the same respect.

There is a considerable amount of confusion in the commercial world about what are the best ways to maintain your body. This book explains in simple straightforward logical terms how you can easily maintain your body in good condition. It takes the confusion out of all the hype.

Lyall Ford